Setup Genymotion Android Emulators on Mac OS

In this blog, we will understand how to setup Genymotion Android Emulators.

Concept of Emulators is very good for some one who needs access to Android OS without worrying about hardware. But Google’s android emulators face some problems. Althogh it was claimed that with latest release there are significant improvements but its not true. Two main problems are:

  1. Google’s emulators are very slow and they take ages to boot up and also sleep very frequently, so they are not idle candidates for some one who needs to switch on or off emulators frequently.
  2. Also they eat lot of RAM, so if you have 2-3 Emulators open at the same time, your machine will become very slow.  Any testers would need multiple emulators open at the same time.

Genymotion Emulators ( have solved above problems very efficiently and thus i recommend using them for automation. Genymotion is free (basic plan) and they have some paid plans also. For this blog we will use free Genymotion.

Follow these steps to setup Genymotion emulators on mac OS:

Step 1) Go to and click on ‘Individual’ Tab and click ‘Get Started’.

Step 2) Register with your credentials, and login.

Step 3) Click on Download. wait for download to finish.

Step 4) Install the .dmg file and move it to ‘Applications’

Step 5) Launch ‘’ from applications.

Step 6) The Genymotion application starts.  A dialog prompts you to “Add a first virtual device”.  Click Yes.

Step 7) Multiple devices are pre-listed. Select a device of your choice and click Next. Follow through the prompts.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.58.52 pm.png

Step 8) Once the device is created, select it and click Start.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.00.41 am.png

Step 9) Device will start in no time. It has all the apps provided by Google’s Emulators and these emulator work with all ‘ADB’ commands also.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.01.46 am.png

Step 10) Now go to terminal, and type this command to check the device:

adb devices


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.03.40 am

Step 11) Now to install the app, use these commands on termial

cd till the folder containing the app

adb install <<.apk file name>>

App will be installed on Genymotion emulator. Enjoy!!

Once you start using Genymotion Emulators, you will really fall in love with these.


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