Eclipse – Perfecto Plugin

In this blog, i am going to explain steps to integrate Eclipse and Perfecto plugin. So here’s what we need to do:

1) Open Eclipse, Click ‘Help’ and click ‘Install New Software’

2) Type ‘perfecto’ in field Name and “” in field Location. Please follow below screenshot.


3) Check Perfecto and click Next.


4) Click finish.


5) Accept License.


6) Follow through security and Restart popup.

7) Once Eclipse Restarts, Go to Preferences –> Perfecto Lab and enter credentials:

i) Cloud: “”

ii) UserName and Password

iii) click on “Connect using Https”


8) Go to Windows–> Show View –> Other –> Perfecto –> perfecto Dashboard


Go to Windows–> Show View –> Other –> Perfecto –> perfectoLab

9) Login on Perfecto Dashboard.

You need to register on with your official email and use the credentials for login here.



10) Installation is complete and you are good to start with Perfecto.

PS: you need to have adobe flash player installed. ( At least i had to for my Mac)

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.31.36 pm

In next blogs we will focus on using these devices to automate test cases.



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